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We provide a wide range of certified precast concrete products and solutions for Transport (Highways, Railways & Tunnels), Energy and Urban Planning Infrastructure.

Industrial buildings

Today’s construction industry requires innovative materials that are strong, flexible and cost-efficient.  Armos develops total precast solutions for logistics and industrial buildings. Our comprehensive approach incorporates design, production and assembly of elements into a building. Focused on the competitive advantages of precast concrete, such as fire-proofing, durability, speed and architectural aesthetics, we add value on logistics and industrial sites investments.


Αρμός Προκατασκευές - Βιομηχανικά κτίρια, προκατασκευασμένες αποθήκες, εργοστάσια, logistics, κτίρια, προκατασκευή, αρμός, πυρασφάλεια, ανθεκτικότητα, πυροπροστασία, ασπρόπυργος, Πυράντοχη κατασκευή, Σίνδος, προκατ περιφράξεις
Αρμός Προκατασκευές - Κτιριακά - προκατασκευασμένα κτίρια, συστήματα δόμησης, Βιομηχανικά κτίρια, Εμπορικά κτίρια και γραφεία, Οικιστικά & τουριστικά συγκροτήματα, Κτίρια υποστήριξης Ενεργειακών Πάρκων, οικίσκοι, υποσταθμοί, προκατασκευή, αρμός

Commercial & Residential Buildings

We deliver efficient and sustainable precast solutions for commercial, public and residential buildings. Whether it’s offices or malls, schools or hospitals, hotels or residences, we provide comprehensive  solutions that include precast design, manufacturing and assembly.


We innovate in the creation of unique facades and architectural elements using precast concrete, GlassFibre Reinforced Concrete and UHPC. We work closely with architects, engineers and contractors to design and manufacture sustainable and durable facades, custom-designed for any project.


ARMOS’ precast concrete elements contribute to sustainability by ensuring that our current activities meet our goals, while paying attention to what future generations will inherit.

Our products at all stages of design, production and installation in construction  incorporate sustainability: they reduce the environmental footprint, increase the economic efficiency and strengthen social responsibility. By reducing the amount of materials and human resources we use, reusing materials and processes and recycling old products, we contribute to the protection and preservation of the environment.

Why is precast concrete a sustainable, green material?

  • Reduction of materials and energy used in the factory, compared to traditional construction.
  • Less waste at the construction site.
  • Produced locally using local materials, minimizes transportation and preserves natural resources. 
  • Possible to recycle old products and re-use in production.
  • Guaranteed in-factory quality control & certified high quality, can reduce wastage, prevent environmental accidents and ensure maximum performance of the products in the future.
  • Increased safety of employees and minimization of accidents.
  • Precast produces high-performance products with durability over time and advanced properties, such as high fire resistance, low water absorption and maximum durability, which protect structures and people from natural and non-natural disasters.

Last but not least, structures incorporating precast concrete products have increased energy efficiency and reduced environmental footprint, as they have less temperature fluctuations, use less concrete volume, produce reduced waste and use fewer resources on site, and lastly have a longer lifespan with reduced maintenance needs.

Αρμός Προκατασκευές - 4 μονάδες παραγωγής σε Ελλάδα και εξωτερικό
production plants in Greece and N. Macedonia
Αρμός Προκατασκευές - 200 μηχανικοί και εργατοτεχνικό προσωπικό
engineers and technical staff
Αρμός Προκατασκευές - 10 εκ. € κτιριακά έργα (2021)
0 Mn
group sales (2021)
Αρμός Προκατασκευές - 2.5 εκ. € επενδύσεις σε νέο εξοπλισμό (2019-2021)
0 Mn
investments in production facilities and equipment(2019-2022)

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