New Acropolis Museum

Architectural concrete

ARMOS delivered the precast façade elements made of architectural concrete for the New Acropolis Museum in 2008.

Our work included all façade elements in the interior of the museum;

  • the cladding walls found in the main atrium, with acoustical dampening perforations
  • the bottom parapets of statues bases
  • the cladding of Caryatides statues base
  • internal walls of the museum


One of the construction challenges was to install the precast elements in the interior rooms of the museum while conservation works of archaeological findings (such as placement and cleaning of statues) was taking place by archaeologists in the same worksite.

Armos made the difference as it provided excellent quality facade elements that required no post treatment or repair.

The new Acropolis Museum was constructed by AKTOR according to the designs of the internationally renowned architect Bernard Tschumi, in cooperation with the Greek architect Michalis Fotiadis.

Owner / Contractor
Bernard Tschumi Architects
Year of completion