Armos, in collaboration with the leading company of floating systems for marinas Marinetek, produces and installs floating pontoons and breakwaters in marinas and port facilities.

Marintek’s concrete pontoon systems incorporate the latest technology in the construction of floating pontoons and breakwaters and are widely used in private and larger high-end marinas around the world.

Designed for mooring boats in modern marinas, precast floating pontoons are durable, robust structures that require minimal maintenance and have high capacity for dynamic loads and stresses, guaranteeing a long service life of the structure.

Floating Pontoons.

The floating pontoons have a system of connecting them together to create larger and more stable boat mooring structures. All systems have patented seaflex anchoring systems that ensure easy and safe anchoring of the pontoon. Alternatively anchoring of the pontoon to the sea bottom using chains and rakes or piles can be applied. Through the design and wide range of solutions developed by Marinetek, we develop the optimal solution for any marina to create an economical yet highly durable pontoon system.  The pontoons are available in a range of standard sizes from 2.4-4.3m wide and 8-20 tonnes in weight. In addition, a series of accessories are offered that can be integrated already from the production of the pontoons, such as braces, decking, network and pillar supports, bumpers, etc. For more technical information you can contact with us.

Marinetek Expertise

Marinetek is one of the world’s leading developers of marinas and floating systems. Over the past 25 years it has built more than 2,000 marinas in 50 countries, from the Arctic to the Persian Gulf, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean. Due to the extensive experience and wide range of products, Marinetek offers complete solutions for the construction of marinas. In cooperation with Marinetek, ARMOS provides marinas with know-how that includes design, construction and installation up to maintenance and modernization of the construction floating pontoons and breakwaters.

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