Industrial buildings

We contribute to the new generation of industrial building projects, focusing on the great advantages of prefabrication such as fireproofing, lifespan and quality, while upgrading the value of buildings by utilizing architectural building elements on the facades.

Building with precast concrete elements, such as columns, beams, slabs and walls is mainly aimed at large buildings such as industrial buildings,  production facilities, warehouses, supermarkets, shopping centers and parking structures.

The main advantages of the building system are:

  • Fireproof construction. Fire resistance up to 120-180 minutes, unlike metal constructions (without fireproof treatment) which have zero resistance to fire.
  • Large openings/span. Large free spans (up to 35m) are achieved by applying a prestressing bed. Flexible design. Clear access openings between columns, without the interference of stiffeners or brackets . In addition, increased rainwater runoff sections and avoiding their frequent cleaning.
  • Durability. Particularly resistant to heavy industrial use, such as areas with intense corrosive conditions, chemical storage, flammable materials, etc.
  • Zero maintenance. The precast concrete construction requires practically zero maintenance, which has the effect of reducing the operating costs of the building.
  • Long lifetime. Resistance of concrete to the wear and tear of time and vandalism attempts.
  • Architectural facades. Unlimited options in precast, architectural facades with colored or patterned  concrete.

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