Intertrade Hellas (Softex)

Intertrade Paper Machine Factory

Intertrade Hellas (ex-Softex) is a leading premium paper producer in Greece. Recently the Company invested 46.1 million euros in the construction of a new, vertical production site of paper production in Viotia.

Armos supplied and assembled the entire precast structure for the Paper Machine Production building.

The building construction required more than 1.500 precast concrete elements, including columns, prestressed and non-prestressed beams, façade walls, Hollow Core slabs. The connections of the structural elements were achieved by mechanical connectors that allowed the creation of a complex and at the same time functional grids that shape independent production areas, control rooms, mezzanines and basement. Specifically for the construction of the paper machine area, Armos produced columns of 25 meters height, C45 / 55 concrete quality and high durability. Main grid of the building is 22.5 meters, with no interim column.

ARMOS completed the production and erection of the precast structure in less than 5 months, achieving the time and quality targets set by the Client.


Owner / Contractor
Intertrade Hellas, ΕΛΕΜΚΑ (Mytilinaios Group)
PM2 Engineering, BHM-Ing
Year of completion
Inofita, Viotia