Hollow core slabs

Hollow core slabs are pre-stressed floor slabs with voids and are one of the most popular, efficient and long span floor construction components nowadays for multi storey buildings. They are industrially manufactured using high tensile strength prestressed strands which are embedded within the element.

Hollow core slabs have many advantages and are used worldwide for many differentt construction purposes in malls, high-rise buildings, parking lots and logistic centers .

One of the main applications of hollow core slabs is flooring: Hollow core slab are slim and light-weight thanks to their tubular voids. That comes together with high load capacity, durability and fire resistance. With important savings in time, resources and energy, the Hollow Core slab is ideally-suited for smart and sustainable buildings.

The slabs are typically 120 cm wide with standard thicknesses normally between 15 cm and 50 cm. Special elements for the edge of the buildings, are also manufactured according to the design. Slab lengths can reach up to 20 m.

Main benefits

  • Slim (15-60cm, depending on type)
  • Light-weight (200-600 kg/m2, depending on type)
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Broad range of application in commercial, industrial and residential buildings
  • Simple and fast erection (installation up to 400/500 m2 of floor per day, per installation team)
  • Large productivity, with constant and controlled quality
  • Increased sustainability, as less material (cement, water and steel) is needed for manufacturing compared to either cast-in-situ construction or other precast flooring systems.
  • High quality finishing of the elements surface
  • Possibility to use the elements with different supporting structures such as steel beams, insitu cast beams, precast beams, etc.
  • Self supporting capacity at construction phase, with no need of props during erection
  • Great thermal properties help reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling of buildings.
  • Applicability also in vertical walls
  • Possible architectural finishing (exposed aggregates, blasting, colored etc.)
  • Finally, Hollow Core slabs combine all the advantages of the precast concrete industry. It is a fast, safe and sustainable product that fits in modern construction.

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