PHONOBLOC sound absorbing panels

Certified, ecological sound protection system

PHONOBLOC is an innovative sound protection solution that combines high sound absorption values ​​and aesthetic superiority. It is an industrial product, certified according to the European Standard EN 14388 and is applied to road networks, railways, urban and non-urban environments.

The competitive advantage over other sound protection systems, is that PHONOBLOC absorbs sound, instead of reflecting it, thus achieving the maximum degree of sound protection while at the same time having an excellent cost-performance ratio.

PHONOBLOC’s customized combination of multiple textures and colors allows designers to create unique landscape models on highway, rail, urban and non-urban projects. Sound absorption panels are available in many natural colors and textures, thus supporting harmonious design with color shades.

PHONOBLOC® is a natural material based on wood flooring. By using wood as a locally available product and renewable raw material, CO2 emissions are significantly reduced and it is a 100% recyclable material.

The structure of the material ensures maximum sound absorption and at the same time high durability. According to measurements, a noise pollution reduction of up to 20dB is achieved. As a natural cement-based material, PHONOBLOC® has high strength and durability in any environment, requires zero maintenance, is self-cleaning (from rainwater) and prevents its use as a graffiti “canvas”. The above makes it a highly competitive product against transparent sound-reflective curtains.

Through its wide range of colours, surfaces and profiles, PHONOBLOC offers unlimited possibilities for designers to adapt it to the project environment and upgrade the aesthetics of a highway or rail network.

PHONOBLOC® is more economical than many other soundproofing systems while at the same time ensuring high performance. In addition, as a material with great resistance to time and zero maintenance, it continues to “save” throughout its lifetime.

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