Commercial and residential

The challenges faced today by designers, builders and users of urban, commercial and tourist buildings are delays in the completion of projects, high energy efficiency, sustainability and poor workmanship. The industrialization of constructions has always been a partially satisfactory solution to the above challenges as traditional prefabrication was unable to follow the architect’s dictates and resulted in a tedious repetition of floor plans. The solution that ARMOS brings to the table is the newest and most tested construction technology worldwide, which is exclusively aimed at the needs of urban and tourist construction. The construction system with double walls and pre-slabs manages to fully adapt the manufactured building to the architect’s requirements and thus preserve the uniqueness of each building.

How does it stand out from traditional pre-construction? The system of double walls and pre-slabs stands out because it can build walls and slabs in any dimensions, shape and appearance and with integrated openings, holes. This is achieved by the fact that all production processes are controlled by a computer array – designers capture the architecture in BIM software which alerts the main computer of the production plant live. Thus, the data of the study are directly transferred to the vibrating banks of the production and are imprinted with absolute precision on the metal types using laser technology. In this way the possibility of human error is eliminated even in the last detail such as e.g. the waits of the electromechanical installations.

How does ARMOS stand out from other building systems?Another element that sets us apart is the use of a certified Weckemann production unit. Armos has invested in a new wall production factory of 5 acres and with production speeds exceeding 100 sq.m. floor plan of a house per day, the solution we propose is a tool in the hands of designers to meet the increasing needs of tourism development in Greece and to satisfy the most demanding customers. In addition, the reinforced concrete prefab, which our company manufactures, is often confused with other types of prefabs such as foamed concrete, wood or metal.

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