Data Center, Sparkle It.

Cladding wall slabs Data Center, Attica

Sparkle Italia is the largest international provider of telecommunications interconnection services in Italy and among the top ten worldwide. In 2020, it invested in the construction of Metamorfosis II in N. Kifissia, which is the first “green” data center in Greece and one of the largest and most advanced data centers in Europe.
The construction of Metamorfosis II started in January 2020 in the area of ​​Metamorfosis Attica and occupies an area of ​​6,000 sq.m. The reduction of the carbon footprint will be approximately 28,000 tons per year, while the efficiency index (PUE) of the data center in terms of power consumption reaches 1.2 (against an average of 1.8).

Owner / Contractor
Sparkle Italia, Domiki Technognosia Ltd.
Lithos Consulting
Year of completion
Metamorfosi, Attika