Why precast?

Many advantages result from the industrial prefabrication of precast concrete elements.

Excellent seismic behavior

Precast is designed according to the European Norms (Eurocodes) for earthquake-resistant structures, with special care given to the connections of elements in order to ensure a monolithic behavior of the structure. Furthermore, quality controls and stable conditions, that are only ensured when in-factory production, guarantee that the final product, whether it is a building component or an infrastructure product, meet the highest quality criteria in durability, stability and mechanical performance.


Precast takes advantage of the latest technology and stable in-factory conditions that are not possible when building on-site. Guaranteed, certified quality is possible and necessary in precast. Our factories are certified according to quality standard EN ISO9001: 2000. Furthermore, most of our products are CE certified, meaning that all materials, manufacturing processes, handling and storage meet the highest standards. The automated production processes that are found in a precast factory of ARMOS are error free, controlled by high skill technical staff and the latest technology.


Precast concrete is weather-and-fire proof, and resistant to mildew and rust. As a result, structures that incorporate precast elements have longer life- time and minimal maintenance.


Precast concrete construction saves time, minimizes the resources on site and eliminates risks of delay. Assembly of precast elements can be carried on simultaneously with other works on site such as earthwork, foundation etc. and thus saving up to 50% of construction time.


By reducing time on-site, increasing the productivity of a construction and securing the quality and safety, the total cost of the project is reduced. With precast you cannot run over the budget as there are no risks or not-predictable factors on-site. Highest durability of precast leads to lower maintenance costs over the life of a precast structure.

Architectural flexibility

With precast you can achieve endless possibilities in colors, textures and designs.


Precast concrete elements incorporate sustainability; they reduce the environmental footprint, increase the economic efficiency of the construction and strengthen social responsibility. By reducing the amount of materials and human resources we use, reusing materials and processes and recycling old products, precast contributes to the protection and preservation of the environment.

Low maintenance

Precast concrete is one of the most durable structural and facade materials. Manufactured by high performance concrete and according to highest quality standards, the final products are free of cracks, errors or other possible defects, that results to a longer life of the structures that embody precast elements.