Vision & business values

Vision and mission

The construction industry is undergoing a radical transformation and ARMOS has decided to play a leading role in the journey towards sustainable, environmentally neutral constructions. Our vision is to develop into a leading company for specialized pre-construction projects in Greece, the Balkans and Cyprus, offering products and solutions for the creation of quality and sustainable constructions with respect for people and the environment.
  • To make construction safer, faster, more durable and greener.
  • To respond to chronic construction problems with smart and efficient solutions.
  • To upgrade the quality criteria of constructions.
  • To be for our clients a reliable partner that produces high quality projects and creates goodwill.
  • To be an inclusive work environment for our staff, which allows each and every one to develop his/her skills and develop into the best version of himself/herself.
  • Through our activity to have a positive impact on local communities.

Driven by innovation, quality and our skilled staff, we design and produce construction products and solutions that create long-term value for our customers, our employees, the Greek economy, the environment and society.


To achieve our goal, we focus on four strategic priorities:

1.Continuous improvement of competitiveness and innovation.

We implement continuous investments and improvements in production lines & processes and in the internal operations of the business, in order to continuously improve our offered products & services, reduce costs for our customer and offer more innovative and efficient solutions to the construction industry.

2. Geographical and product development

We strengthen our business position and value proposition to our customers with continuous investment in new production facilities, new products and new geographic markets.

3. Sustainable development with an emphasis on the environment and society

We ensure that our business activity does not burden the environment and offer products and solutions that contribute to more sustainable constructions for the future, with respect for people and the environment.

4. Investment in our staff

At ARMOS we recognize that success is due to our people. We believe that only when teams thrive, businesses thrive. We aim to staff our teams with outstanding executives and experienced engineers and invest in the development of our staff by constantly providing opportunities for development.


Our values ​​are the solid foundation of the culture and family spirit that characterize ARMOS.

Customer value

Starting with a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and their projects, ARMOS builds strong relationships of trust and achieves better service.

We not only provide high quality and sustainable precast concrete. Through product design and production and by leveraging prefabrication, we build faster, more efficiently and more sustainably, creating added value for our customers.

Expertise and continuous improvement

Our drive to be competitive is based on the constantly developing skills, expertise of our staff and the modernization brought about by our investments.

Safety and respect in the working environment

Safety at work, an environment of open culture and respect for each employee are the basis for releasing the full-potential of everyone in our organization and achieving our goal as a team.


The non-negotiable commitment to the quality of our products, constructions and services is part of our culture.

Environment and sustainability

We seek to unlock the environmental challenges of the construction industry. Prefabrication and our products are proven to help reduce the environmental footprint and contribute to the creation of sustainable constructions.

With 200 employees and production activity in 3 countries, we provide architects, designers, builders and investors with quality and sustainable products and pre-construction solutions, enabling them to create unique offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, stadiums, shopping malls, airports and infrastructures that will serve local communities – for centuries to come.