Safety Barriers

Certified passive road safety for modern motorways.

Armos has been an authorized partner of DELTA BLOC International GmbH since 2002 and has the right to produce and market the ‘DB’ technology vehicle restraint systems for Greece, Cyprus and North Macedonia. Over the last 20 years we have manufactured and installed more than 350 kilometers of prefabricated barriers.

km of installed barriers
years of experience in passive safety systems
certified barrier production units in Greece and Cyprus
Exclusive partnership with Delta Bloc, the world’s leading developer of vehicle restraint systems

DELTA BLOC International GmbH is the world’s leading developer of concrete vehicle restraint systems. For more than three decades of continuous development, testing & improvement, DeltaBloc’s patented safety barriers are now successfully installed in more than 45 countries ensuring the highest standards for passive road safety worldwide.

The safety barriers manufactured in our production units are certified according to ΕΝ 1317-5 and bear the CE mark. One of the most important advantages of prefabricated parapets is that they have a variety of applications for permanent or temporary use, for installation as a central dividing island or as lateral protection, for technical projects and bridges or securing areas of increased risk.

  • Integrated special tensioner (patented steel tension bar).
  • Patented coupling between parapets
    Shaped base for water drainage.
  • Flexible installation methods: floating (with free deposition on the road surface), anchored or embedded in the final layer of asphalt.
  • Crush-tested transition systems.

DB systems are flexible restraint systems. As a rule, the parapets are placed freely on the road surface and are connected to each other only with the “key” element. Therefore, while the whole system is unable to move, each element individually is free to move in a limited way. During the impact, the restraint of the vehicle is ensured while at the same time the energy is absorbed by the chain bars, minimizing the strain on the passengers.

Even in severe collisions the DB system offers the maximum possible restraint of the vehicle (up to H4b) and is not in danger of breaking.

The displacement of the elements is clearly less than that of metal parapets without reducing the holding capacity.

We provide comprehensive support for every project, small or large.

We have specialist knowledge for every road safety project and DB products are installed worldwide

We develop and adapt solutions to each project, small or large, taking into account the specificities of each country we work with.

With 4 certified production units in Greece and Cyprus, we are able to service every project ensuring quality and time.

We have flexible logistics services and our skilled staff undertakes the installation of barriers.