Agios Georgios Wind Farm

Substation, Warehouse and Housing

The project “Construction and Installation of a Prefabricated Accommodation Building & Storage Building in the Wind Farm of Agios Georgios, municipality of Lavreotiki” on the island of Agios Georgios in the Saronic Gulf. A 70 MWatt wind farm is being developed on the island, owned by TERNA ENERGY A.B.E.T.E.
The subject of the work of ARMOS company (as a subcontractor) was the study, production, transportation and installation of all the prefabricated elements of the buildings with a total volume of ​​560 sq.m. using different prefabrication systems. The project came in continuation of the previous prefabricated buildings that the company executed in 2015 on the island.
Instead of the conventional way of building, pre-fabrication was chosen for reasons of speed, solving the problem of lack of infrastructure on the island and increasing the durability of the frame in a highly corrosive environment.
ARMOS company completed the project within the tight time frame (3 months, from February to April) and ensured a highly durable concrete, overcoming the difficulties posed by the location of the project and the winter on the uninhabited rock island.

Owner / Contractor
Lithos Consulting
Year of completion
Rock island of Agios Georgios, Saronic bay