Underground Waste Bins


The system of underground / submersible bins is an innovative waste management and recycling system that aims at the more efficient management of municipal waste and the upgrading of public space.

A key part of the innovative system is the special prefabricated bin, which is placed internally and is the waste collector of the management system. This special well is produced exclusively by ARMOS on behalf of EcoSynergy.gr, provider and implementer of specialized solutions in the field of waste management and cleaning in Greece.

Since 1995 the underground / submersible bin system of “Sotkon” has been tested and successful in operation with 15,000 units in operation in the Iberian Peninsula (Spain & Portugal) and with a presence in other countries as well. In Greece, EcoSynergy has installed bins in most of the country’s municipalities thus contributing decisively to the creation of environmentally sustainable cities.

The system offers harmonious and aesthetic integration into the urban environment, hermetic storage of waste, easy installation, simplicity in the collection and maintenance process as well as long-term and reliable operation.

The “Sotkon” underground / submersible bin system covers the needs of storing waste and recyclable materials in most cases of urban intervention/configuration: e.g. coastal zones, squares, historical centers, pedestrian streets, etc.

Owner / Contractor
Ο.Τ.Α., EcoSynergy S.A.
Sotkon Waste Systems
Year of completion