New production site in Kumanovo, North Macedonia

In the industrial area of Kumanovo, North Macedonia and on a privately owned area of ​​11.000m², ARMOS BALKAN DOO is now developing its newest precast production site.

ARMOS BALKAN DOO, that belongs to ARMOS Group, has invested over 4 Euros million in the Kumanovo Industrial zone for its new facilities.

The project is executed by ARMOS Precast S.A. and includes the construction of an industrial building with total area of 4.000m² and a net free height of 9,00m, office building as well as the construction of stock area for finished products, access roads and landscaping works.

The structural system of the building consists of precast concrete elements (columns, beams, girders, walls and slabs) and metal roof. The office building is also made by precast elements, using structural system of Precast Double Walls and Slabs.

The new factory has its own steel processing department and concrete batching plant. New production lines for prestressed sleepers (railway), safety barriers and structural elements for the construction of buildings are installed. After its completion the facility will be manufacturing a wide range of products that meet local and European standards and are used for Motorways, Railways and Building projects.

The construction is expected to be complete by September 2022. More than 40 permanent and seasonal workers are expected to be employed in Armos’ Kumanovo site.